5 LINE WORKS facts you should know


Recently, we have been receiving an increasing number of inquiries on LINE WORKS.


To better assist, we decided to share frequently asked questions that can make a difference in using LINE WORKS.


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LINE WORKS is a separate service and app from LINE

LINE WORKS will never be synced to your LINE user account or friends list.


In other words, the administrator who first created the company account must ‘invite’ to or ‘add’ members on LINE WORKS.


It may seem bothersome at first but you’ll realize its life-changing advantage: you can separate private life from work!

LINE WORKS users can communicate with LINE users without private and work connections colliding with one another.


Reference:What is LINE WORKS?

You can use LINE WORKS on more than one device

Since you entered your phone number during the registration process, you might think LINE WORKS is only available on that specific phone.


However, you can use LINE WORKS on other devices as long as you remember your ID and password.

You can use LINE WORKS without a smartphone

LINE WORKS is available on smartphones, PC, and iPad.


You have access to the same updated data no matter where you are or what devices you are on LINE WORKS.


Everything, from checking whether the message is read to viewing uploaded documents, is real-time basis thanks to LINE WORKS’ cloud technology.

You can change the notification sound on the LINE WORKS mobile app

Surprisingly, many of our users believe that they cannot change the notification sound.


To change the sound, refer to our guide on notification sound.

You don’t need paid plans to share files

You can share files even with the Free plan.


If you want to share a file or folder with team members, use the ‘Group’ function.

You can take advantage of useful services for a group including Note, Event, Task, and Folder.

group event folder note

With the Folder feature, you can create folders that all of the group members can access and upload files in.


For more information, refer to our guide on creating a group.

If you don’t want to see who read your message on LINE WORKS,
you can hide the read receipt feature

We have both customers who love or hate the read receipt feature.


Only the paid plan users can turn off the feature on checking who read your message on LINE WORKS.


If the company decided not to use read receipt feature for reasons such as not to give constant pressure on members, the administrator can change the settings in Admin.



There are so much more on LINE WORKS!

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