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What are your challenges?

Managing work schedules

Difficult to manage schedules
for on-site works.


Takes a while to communicate and share important information with frontline workers.

Dealing with emergencies

The need to communicate quickly
and accurately with the frontline.

LINE WORKS helps you solve your business challenges

Share issues up to speed to improve frontline productivity
Success at a construction site means getting the best results on time with limited resources. Replace the whiteboard used to manage schedules for teams and resources with LINE WORKS Calendar. You can maximize the work efficiency of the frontline by editing and checking the work progress and situations from anywhere.

LINE WORKS is very attractive tool in terms of allowing us to check the schedule everywhere. This applies to all the employees, but as we start utilizing LINE WORKS within our workplace, I believe that we all gained notion of time management. Everyone, including myself, can now use time efficiently. quo

Kishuburo Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Kohara Mitsuo
Build online archive to inform and secure information
In labor-intensive construction sites, the best way to avoid low productivity is to keep all frontline members informed and well-communicated. Post information on floor plans and progress schedule on boards to keep frontline teams updated. You can also save on-site reports and meeting notes in Drive to reduce the risk of damaging or losing information on paper.

quo At sites where various companies work together, each company has to share where and what they are doing everyday with blueprints and progress schedules. Before, these documents were delivered in paper during morning assemblies; yet now, even employees who missed an assembly can access the information because we deliver them to everyone through attached files. There is much less anxiety about whether the information is being delivered. quo

Yokohama Branch Operation Manager
Miyaji Takashi
Safety of the workers come first in case of emergencies
Unexpected problems such as bad weather are hard to deal with. Get a better understanding of the emergencies in the frontline by sharing photos and videos instead of a phone call or email. You can inform all concerned parties at once and respond fast to prevent further damages. Connect frontline workers to communicate and ensure all of their safety.

quo  In the past, strong winds in one area have caused problems to the buildings we manage, such as falling roofs and fences. We could prevent further incident from happening by immediately sending photos of building condition to the repair company and receiving emergency treatment. quo

Daito Kentaku Partners Corp.
Ushio Akira



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LINE WORKSのホームに「工事報告」という掲示板を作成し、写真と1、2行でもいいのでコメントを送ってほしいとお願いしたら、みんなが次々と報告をしてくれるようになりました。


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