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3 plans for every business need
across various workplaces.
20% Discount!
  • Monthly Contract
  • Annual Contract

A free plan for first time business chat users and up to 30 people can use

¥0 (Free for life)
Basic features

A basic plan for business communication with features necessary for work

¥450 For 1 person/month (Annual Contract)
Free features + following are available

A plan with Mail and Drive to enhance internal and external communication

¥800 For 1 person/month (Annual Contract)
Standard features + following are available


On LINE WORKS, you can add options
based on your business needs.
¥100 / Per person/month
(Annual Contract)
Store important documents safely and access them anywhere, anytime.
Message Archiving
¥300 / Per person/month
(Annual Contract)
Store messaging data for up to 10 years.

Email Archiving
¥300 / Per person/month
(Annual Contract)

Store email data for up to 10 years.

(Only available with the Advanced plan)

Shared Storage
Additional charges
Not enough storage space?
Bigger the storage, the bigger the discount.

¥12,000 / month
¥54,000 / month
¥102,000 / month
¥252,000 / month
¥498,000 / month
¥984,000 / month
¥4,800,000 / month
Extend clients/partners
contacts list
Additional charges
Do you manage lots of client and customer contacts? Add more people to your contacts.
Up to 250,000 ¥40,000 / month
Up to 500,000 ¥80,000 / month
Up to 1,500,000 ¥125,000 / month
Up to 5,000,000 ¥250,000 / month
* All prices do not include tax.
* For the Free plan, some features are limited.
* Refer to Terms of Service for SLA details.
* Refer to here for information on shared storage.
* 1 User refers to one service user.
Please see here for details.

Plan Details

Please select the plan according to your company scale and needs.
Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about the plans.
Basic information

Maximum number of members
Shared storage capacity Storage capacity shared by all members. Standard/Advanced users can also purchase more storage with Options.
Messaging LINE users
Group features (Note / Event / Task / Folder)
Number of boards
Number of clients/partners For Standard/Advanced plans, the number of clients/partners you can add can be increased with Options.
Up to 30 people
5GB in total
Up to 10
Up to 500
No limits
Basic capacity 1TB +
1GB added per member
Up to 300
Up to 100,000
(Available with Options)
No limits
Basic capacity 100TB +
1GB added per member
Up to 300
Up to 100,000
Voice・Video call・Screen share

1: 1 Voice / Video call
Group voice / video call (time/participant)
Guest participation feature
Interpreter mode feature
Screen share
No limits
Up to 60 minutes / 4
No limits
No limits / up to 200
No limits
No limits / up to 200
Admin · Security features

Admin and Security
Domain use
Audit log retention period
Single sign-on (SSO)
2 weeks (Not downloadable)
No limits
6 months (Downloadable)
(Available with Options)
No limits
6 months (Downloadable)
Message / Mail / Drive
(Available with Options)
(Available with Options)
Developer features

API utilization

Customer support
SLA Guarantee
Displaying ads, etc

(Up to first 1 month of use)


Frequently asked questions about plans or pricing.

Can I use LINE WORKS without a LINE account?

Yes, you can.

You need to log in as a LINE WORKS member to use the service.
You can create a LINE WORKS account or use the information of the LINE account you already have to log in.
However, even if you log in with your LINE account, information on LINE will not be transferred to LINE WORKS.

Are there any conditions to use the service such as initial cost and a minimum number of members?

There are no initial costs or conditions of usage when using the service from this website for the first time.

The service can be used by one member, but cannot be used in combination of multiple plans.

Are there any restrictions on the usage period for the Free plan?

If you do not use the service for one year (365 days), your service will automatically end.

If you continue to use the service, there is no limit on the usage period.

I would like to try Standard or more premium plans for free. Is there a trial?

Free trials are only offered via LINE WORKS authorized partners in Japan.

Can I upgrade the plan later after selecting a plan to start the service?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time on the 'Purchase' page in Admin.

Please note that you cannot cancel once the upgrade is complete and downgrade the plan you are using.
You need a domain and undergo a domain ownership verification process to upgrade to the Advanced plan.

Click here for more information.

What is the difference between a user and a license?

1. User / Member

Refers to users who actually use LINE WORKS. The administrator who created the company LINE WORKS account, or a member who has been granted invitation authority by the administrator, can invite new members.

2. License

Refers to the 'member capacity' set according to the annual contract in use. The number of licenses is the maximum number of members that one can invite on LINE WORKS.

Could you explain the difference between an annual and a monthly contract? Also, how can I pay?

1. Annual Contract

Refers to a contract that renews on a yearly basis on the premise that the service will be used for one year. The price of individual license is the price of the annual contract shown in the table above, and the subscription fee will be calculated according to the number of contracted licenses and charged monthly. You can add licenses at any time, but you can reduce licenses only when contract is renewed. You can delete members at any time, but it will not affect your subscription fee. Also, please note that you will be charged for the remaining period even if you cancel halfway.

2. Monthly contract

The unit price of the member is the price of the monthly contract shown in the table above, and the subscription fee is calculated according to the number of members actually registered on the service. If you unsubscribe the service in the middle of the month the subscription fee will be calculated in a prorated way. You can add and delete members at any time.

Payment method

You will be required to pay the usage fee for one month based on the calculation method of the annual or monthly contract in the following month. Payment can be made by credit card for global users outside Japan. We accept the major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and Diners Club. Please note that the currency for payment will be in Japanese Yen.

What are Options?

Refers to additional options to fit the various business needs of Standard/Advanced plan users.

Drive, Shared Storage, Message Archiving, Email Archiving, and Expanding clients/partners contacts list are the options available. Also, the options selected will be applied to all members, and cannot be used by one specific member.
Please note that the contract period and payment method are based on the Standard / Advanced contract details.
You can cancel options selected, but keep in mind for annual contract users will be charged for the remaining period if the option is canceled halfway.

What is the difference between storage and Drive?

1. Storage

Shared storage is the free space required to perform the following operations within LINE WORKS.
・Sending and receiving files in Message
・Team or Group Event / Note / Attaching and saving files in Folder
・Attaching files on posts or comments in Board
・Attaching files in Form
・Attaching files on events in Calendar
・Attaching files in Task
・Attaching files in Template
・Saving files in Drive
Please note that additional storage is also an option that allows you to add shared storage capacity.

2. Drive

Drive allows you to store the files you need for your business in LINE WORKS.
Files stored in Drive can be easily shared with other members.
There are two types of Drive, 'Shared Drive' that can be shared by members in the company and 'My Drive' that each member can use as an individual storage area. Both types use the capacity of shared storage.
Drive is available for Advanced plan users or Standard plan users who chose the 'Drive' option.

Where in the world is LINE WORKS available?

LINE WORKS is available for users worldwide.

LINE WORKS app is available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese(commonly used in Taiwan(台灣), Hong Kong(香港), Macau(澳門)), and Korean.

Regarding the auto translation function for Message, you can select from English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Korean, French, and Spanish.

For guides on using LINE WORKS, the Help Center is not only available in Japanese and Korean, but in English for our global users:

Also, customer service is available in English but please note that the one-on-one customer inquiry service is available only for paid plan users and in Japanese.

1. ユーザー/メンバー

LINE WORKSに招待されたサービス利用者を指します。
主にメンバーは、同テナント内(または機能連携しているテナント)のLINE WORKS利用者を意味します。
ユーザー/メンバーは、LINE WORKSサービスの管理者または、招待権限をもつユーザー/メンバーによって招待されます。

2. ライセンス

※ テナントとは
  LINE WORKSの1契約に対して割り当てられるサービス利用のための領域です。
  メンバーはこの領域内に入って(= LINE WORKSへログイン)、各機能を利用します。

年額または月額契約の算出方法に基づく1ヶ月間の利用料金を、翌月にお支払いただきます。決済はクレジットカードおよびLINE Payを利用可能です。

クレジットカードおよびLINE Pay決済以外の支払い方法をご希望の場合は、LINE WORKS認定パートナーとの契約をご検討ください。





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