across entire organization

What are your challenges?

On-site supervision

Having trouble supervising and
keeping all the staff working
in a shift on the same page.

Whereabouts of staff

With the operation out of sight,
it takes time to grasp situations and
give instruction in case of trouble.

Communication delays

Delivering unexpected work requests
and damage reports on time is
challenging as calls are often missed.

LINE WORKS helps you solve your business challenges

Share vehicle and
resource availability
when needed
The key in freight transportation is to ensure the delivery of goods to customers. Use LINE WORKS Calendar to manage schedules and share information on deliveries, vehicle allocation, road construction, and more to deliver on time. Also, keep your drivers informed by sharing company-wide events and vehicle-specific schedules.

quo Previously, we had to stand in a line in order to copy the vehicle inspection certificate. And it was very analog way of managing the vehicle inspection schedule. After LINE WORKS introduction, however, we can now register which and when the vehicle will be inspected and everyone can share the schedule. quo

Chiba Logistics Center Head
Yoshida Yoshitaka
Streamline staff operations to ensure delivery without delay
Managers cannot have a full picture of situations for drivers and warehouse staff who work in separate sites. Prepare your team for any emergencies with LINE WORKS group message rooms to communicate whenever needed. By sharing location information, you can understand where the driver’s troubles are and act quickly on instructing the next steps.

quo I am basically working in the office, so it is crucial to keep in touch with the leader and get an idea of what is going on at the field. In the past, when unexpected accident occurs, the leader had reported to me about the issue. Then, I contacted the representative again to make decision on countermeasure. Whereas, we are now using LINE WORKS to communicate directly with the person in charge. If I join that chatting room, I can immediately understand the situation and countermeasure. quo

Merchandising HQ, Logistics div. Manager
Satoshi Murata
Improving customer satisfaction after delivery
To improve customer satisfaction and corporate image, services after delivery: redelivery, return, and exchange have a great impact and require seamless cooperation among different positions. Add everyone involved, from distribution staff to drivers, in LINE WORKS Contacts and connect them in Message. Your team can get answers fast while delivering or collecting, further making customers happier.

quo Even when we find damage on the material, it is now possible to clearly notify the customer even about the damage that is hard to identify at a glance in detail by sending photos. We also like LINE WORKS in a perspective of we can keep a record of communication in order to prevent problems from occurring in the future. quo

Chiba Logistics Center Head
Yoshida Yoshitaka


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指定された商品を広い倉庫内で探す際、指示内容をPCのある場所に戻ってメモしたり印刷したりしなくても、スマートフォン上のLINE WORKSで確認しながら探せるようになったことは大きなメリットです
チャットボットの登録や利用はすべて無料です。 また、チャットボット開発に必要な技術ドキュメントは LINE WORKS Developersで公開しています。
LINE WORKSのカレンダー機能で共有されれば、リアルタイムに各人のスケジュールを把握できるので、かなりの業務効率化が図れると思います。

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