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The separate usage of personal LINE and work-oriented LINE WORKS helped improve communication and reduce stress for our employees

ANGELUX PLANNING, is a company that runs skin care clinics in Tokyo and Nagano of Japan. We asked them about the introduction of LINE WORKS to their business. ANGELUX has implemented LINE WORKS to promote communication among employees with different roles, such as skin care specialists at the clinics.

Work-related contact through LINE burdens employees on vacation

Prior to the implementation of LINE WORKS, if the headquarters or branch managers had to contact an employee or share information among workers, they communicated the necessary information via email or LINE. However, there was only one PC available for the public use in each store, and since employees were too busy to use the PC during the work hours(due to customer reception and skin care treatments), they naturally utilized LINE as their primary means of daily communication. This made employees on vacation not being able to rest and relax as much as they’d like during their time off work and even lead to psychological burden.

Thanks to the separation of “Work and Play”, employees are less stressed

The introduction of LINE WORKS enabled the separation of work(LINE WORKS) and personal life(LINE). Employee work schedule could be managed via calendar instead of contacting those who are on vacation. As a result, employees no longer needed to check work-related messages via LINE while on vacation, not being stressed and fully enjoying their days off work.

Familiar LINE interface encourages quick adjustment with no training

The crucial factor for choosing LINE WORKS was because of its identical user interface and environment to LINE. Common IT tools seem to be tailored to be convenient for “males” and “hard-working people”, but LINE WORKS naturally blended into everyday routines of all the employees. In fact, even the young workers, who are not familiar with a PC, were able to use it without additional training.

Real-time communication helps provide better service for customers

ANGELUX stated that its employees frequently share opinions and customer information(such as their conditions, effects of receiving treatment) in order to provide detailed service tailored to each customer. For example, discussing how the utilize cosmetics according to different treatment methods and customers’ conditions, had previously only been done through meetings, with time delays and lack of details. However, with LINE WORKS, those missed information could be shared in real-time with all employees, which subsequently led to an improvement of the quality of procedures.

Utilizing spare time before and after customer correspondence hours

Though it is difficult to use a PC during work hours, a mobile device can be easily utilized at times before and after customer care. Working with mobile devices has enabled not only real-time sharing of store information, but also checking important information quickly and effectively. For instance, employees use the Home function to post company policies and regulations and ideas from their experience. Also, because you can see whether or your posts or messages have been read or not, you can make sure to deliver what needs to be delivered.

Increased casual communication is the barometer for a friendly, energized company atmosphere

The core of a workplace, where connection among employees is important, is valued upon how well communication is conducted. ANGELUX values not only work-related interactions, but also other casual communication. Just like LINE where people had daily, ordinary conversations, LINE WORKS also supports stickers to help communicate casually and the right emotions. Also, the fact that the conversations are stored and kept on record, offered a sense of stability and safety. The company views the increase in such casual communication as clear evidence that the team atmosphere is being rejuvenated.

LINE WORKS sparks communication and work efficiency

Besides the message feature, it is equipped with multiple other useful features such as calendar, mail, home etc, all in a single application. Sharing calendar, assigning an email address per employee and many other benefits have become available. Moreover, order placements, customer requests, surveys that had been processed through fax, now can be done as simply as taking a photo and sharing it via chat or email. In general, there has been a significant impact on communication, work efficiency and unification among employees.



※ The details, affiliations and positions specified is the information gathered at the time of reporting.