A complete guide on communicating with LINE or LINE WORKS users outside your company


With the external connection feature, you can communicate with LINE or LINE WORKS users outside your company.


From collaborating with partners to responding to customers’ needs, just remember that LINE WORKS has you covered.

Connect faster and improve work efficiency while reducing the security risks to a minimum on LINE WORKS!


line and line works


1. Before connecting with users outside your company 


For the paid plan users, the administrator must turn on the ‘Chat with LINE users’ or ‘Chat with LINE WORKS users from other comapnies’. For the free plan, the permission to connect with external users are given as default.


Please note that LINE WORKS users you want to connect with must have permission to connect with external users.


More on external message settings >

2. Getting started 

Connect with LINE or LINE WORKS users outside your company with Message ID, QR code, or invitation link!
For LINE users, they must add you as a friend on LINE first.

3. Fact checking 

Message room with LINE users
  • • What you can do
    •  Message and video call
  • • What you cannot do
    •  Voice call
    •  LINE-specific functions (Notes, Albums, LINE Pay, etc.)
    •  Functions unique to LINE WORKS (translation, event invitation, etc.)


Message room with LINE WORKS users from other companies
  • • What you can do
    •  Message(Up 500 participants in one message room)
    •  Voice・Video call
  • • What you cannot do
  •  None

4. Managing users outside your company

Manage users outside your company on LINE WORKS Contacts at ease.
You can edit name, phone number, and email address.
However, for all users outside your company, you cannot edit profile picture or nickname on LINE WORKS.

5. Replying automatically to external messages after work

Message sure is a casual way to get in touch, but you may not want to be bothered during off-hours.

Still, you could be worried that people who are not from the same company may not know your working hours and could be waiting for your response. In such case, you can set up an automatic reply to inform your working hours and availability throughout the day.