Keep everything under control,
management to security

Team Management

Manage teams
and members altogether

Optimize your company system with features on managing organizational structure, job title, and more. Some of the key features such as editing member information and granting authorities are also availalble on mobile.

Data Auditing

Audit and Monitoring
for effective compliance

Select a service to audit and monitor usage history. Check logs by searching date, task, IP address, sender, recipient, and more.

Mobility Protection

Mobile in safe hands

Protect your data with a wide range of security features for all devices. For lost or stolen devices, keep your data safe with remote wipe and external MDM. To add extra reassurance, restrict file downloads and the use of specific devices.

Data Archiving

Large archive
for 10 years use

Keep your data safe and sound for up to 10 years.
You can easily find the data you need for your company’s compliance measures. (Only for Premium plan)

For more information on Features

Please refer to the guide for details on available features.
quo It was notable point that LINE WORKS could be configured not to leave the data on the smartphone. We had concerns from the executives like ‘what if information leaks when smartphone is missing’. However, by introducing the feature like ‘Restriction for file download’, we explained that the random person can view the file but cannot download if the feature is activated. As a result, we could alleviate such worries.quo


Connect your teams
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