Seamlessly check availabilities and create an event

Team Calendar

schedule on track

View your own and team members’ schedules on PC and smartphones. Mark whoever you work with the most as favorites for easy access to their schedules.

Smart Scheduling

Smart scheduling
and reminders

Find the right time to invite with few clicks
by using the availability check feature. You can also
create recurring events on repeat and remind yourself of important schedules with push notifications.

Resource Management

Sharing resources
made easy

Add resources including meeting rooms and equipment to check availability for every new event. You can automate routine work on managing resources.

For more information on Features

Please refer to the guide for details on available features.

quo Before LINE WORKS was introduced, I wrote employees’ schedule simply on a paper chart in the office. By introducing LINE WORKS, we are also digitalized. It became possible to reduce the cost of ‘writing’ as well as paper. Also, it is possible to make immediate contact to the specific employee, as we can find out the current location of them in detail. quo


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