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Information Sharing

Align your team with Board

You can always notify members with information often overlooked in messages and emails with the Board feature.
Administrators can change the view/edit permission for each board and can set the scope of information to share.

Easy Posting

Postings of all types

There are many ways to write posts in Board:
attaching files, inserting images/videos, and using templates provided. Also, you can schedule a post or save drafts to make use of short time you have in between.


Reach out to your audiences

Reach your post audiences with notifications, must-read marks, read receipt, and comment mention features. Do not miss anything important on boards by searching post title, body texts, and author.

For more information on Features

Please refer to guide for details on available features.

quo 今までメールで共有していた日報をLINE WORKSで共有することになりました。
LINE WORKS ではコメントがつく割合が3~4倍増えました。quo


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