Collect and organize opinions without hassle

Survey Templates

Templates for all situations

Collect information without much effort with ready-to-use templates. From rescheduling dinner appointments to confirming safety in case of disaster, get answers fast at ease.

Survey Anyone, Anytime

Customers and partners
always within reach

Share surveys across LINE and LINE WORKS users.
You can gather feedback or information
from colleagues, partners, and customers.

Auto Survey Result Analysis

Results in graphs
with no effort

Check survey results at a glance with automatically generated tables and graphs. You can also download the survey results as a CSV file for further analysis.

For more information on Features

Please refer to the guide for details on available features.
quo The response rate of the LINE WORKS survey is 85%, and the response doubled the speed than paper survey, which is an incredible change. It is much easier to aggregate the result since we can download the result in CSV format. And, the result which provided with graph format is also helpful. quo


Connect your teams
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