Perfect security with measures against spam

Business Email

Best email for your business

Use a new or existing email whichever you prefer in LINE WORKS. Whether you’re a starter or have customers and partners already, choose the email that works best for you.


Enterprise-grade protection

Avoid spam and advertisements sent without your consent.
Block threats with communication path encryption, anti-virus/malware measures, and DKIM support.​

Work-efficient Features

Email features for work

Stay organized with automatic email classification and reminder features. Use the read receipt feature to ensure nothing slips away and recall emails to cancel your mistakes.

Mobile Use

Get most done on mobile

Auto-translate, save drafts, and schedule emails
on mobile as you would on PC. For templates and
signatures for emails, use Mail service on PC web.

For more information on Features

Please refer to the guide for details on available features.
quo 携帯からですと個人のメールアドレスから返信することになってしまいます。得意先などへ返信する場合は印象がよくないため、帰社してから対応しなければなりませんでした。一般SNSを使って業務連絡をし合う社員も見られ、メールの利用環境を整備するとともに、秘匿すべき業務情報がSNSから漏えいしないよう、セキュリティ対策を講じる必要に迫られました。quo


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