Cloud storage, the secure
and yet accessible place for files

Access Anywhere

Easy access from
anywhere at anytime

Save any file in Drive to access whenever and wherever on PC and mobile devices. You can easily access Team/Group Folders on mobile for seamless collaboration.

Seamless Collaboration

Make use of Drive
all over LINE WORKS

Attach and save files throughout Message, Note, Board, and Mail with seamless Drive access. Find what you need fast with marks on recent files or by searching file contents.

Secure File Sharing

Extra protection
on file sharing

Share files and folders in Drive as links to your colleagues without hassle. Set up access levels and a one-time password for extra protection when sharing files outside your company.

For more information on Features

Please refer to the guide for details on available features.
quo 以前はメールで送受信できない大容量のデータはファイル転送サービスでやり取りしていましたが、Driveを使うことで在宅勤務のデザイナーとのデザインデータの共有もしやすくなりました。データをフォルダーごと保管できるので、写真を多用するパンフレット等を製作するのにも便利です。quo


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