Organizational structure and
members across in one place

Contacts List

All team members
at a glance

Find out more about teams and their members from each group’s list of members. You can find colleagues, even when you don’t remember their names.

Easy Access to Colleagues

Make contact
right on Contacts

Contacts connect seamlessly with other LINE WORKS features. Access profiles to start a conversation, make free calls,
send emails and invitations in one go.

Group for Effective Collaboration

Get project done, together

In Contacts, create and manage a group in few easy steps. Use Note, Event, Task, and Folder for better collaboration.

For more information on Features

Please refer to the guide for details on available features.

quo Previously, when we want to contact someone in our company, we first had to check the profile and find detailed contact information and either send email or make phone call to them after. And, this was extremely inconvenient. With LINE WORKS, however, we can simply look up the contacts information on the application and send message immediately. With this, it became convenient to make contacts to others. quo


Connect your teams
for bigger results