Manage and track your team’s tasks in one place

My To-Do List

Keep your tasks in control

From trivial to important and office to on-site, manage whatever you need to do in Task. While communicating via message, add tasks without feeling interrupted.

Task Assignment

Assigning tasks
made easy

Skip extra steps and assign tasks by simply selecting an “assignee.” From tracking history on requested tasks to
attaching files, everything you need is here in Task.

Mobile Use

tasks at your fingertips

Stay on track of your tasks while on the move or working outside. All you need is your mobile to assign, edit
and complete tasks.

For more information on Features

Please refer to the guide for details on available features.
quo Before LINE WORKS was introduced, I wrote employees’ schedule simply on a paper chart in the office. By introducing LINE WORKS, we are also digitalized. It became possible to reduce the cost of ‘writing’ as well as paper. Also, it is possible to make immediate contact to the specific employee, as we can find out the current location of them in detail. quo


Connect your teams
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